THANK YOU for your prayers, talents, and support! Much work to do!

Naomi Corera
October 6, 2018

Dear Friends, It has been a wonderful time in Ann Arbor to get to see you all and share about the good work you are enabling with our brothers and sisters in Uganda. I am especially grateful to everyone who joined us last week for the fundraising dinner with talent show! Your generosity is enabling …continue reading »

Vacation Bible school

Naomi Corera
August 31, 2018

The children are on holiday, so today we are doing a vacation Bible school. They especially like the cooking activities! Naomi Getting ready for vacation Bible school cooking day by collecting firewood for cooking. Here is Olivia grating carrot. Adding new words to their limited vocabulary. Teaching children to use a knife and cutting board. …continue reading »


Naomi Corera
August 13, 2018

Children and books: you cannot separate the two. A book in a child’s hands not only advances the mind with curiosity, but unleashes a world of treasures to a young child. Being a lover of children’s books and having seen the joy it brings to a child when a story is read to them, I …continue reading »