Solar-powered lights for Dorothy’s dormitory

Naomi Corera
August 14, 2017

Let there be light for the children! Thanks to friends we are now adding lighting through solar power for Mama Dorothy’s Dormitory.

Video of Jonathan, Sajese, and refugee children

Naomi Corera
August 12, 2017

Hello, friends! I’m happy that I was recently able to visit with Jonathan, Sajese, and a large group of refugee children from South Sudan. Here is a video of them!

Thanks for your prayers

Naomi Corera
July 25, 2017

Dear Friends, All went well with the first group of children. All will receive the necessary physical therapy and assistive devices (such as crutches), with the exception of Grace, who has been walking on her knees her whole life. She will have her surgery on August 13. After the healing from surgery, she will receive …continue reading »